oil lamps as a winter prep

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oil lamps as a winter prep  Empty oil lamps as a winter prep

Post by jimLE on Sun Jan 13, 2019 3:32 pm

As we all know.a oil lamp puts out light and heat.so im doing a small trial run today.it's 47F outside.i turned the central heat off.it's 71F in here right now.and ihave 3 oil lamps going.this trial run ain't a complete trial run.i still have 1 light and celling fan going.on accounti want to see how fast the 3 oil lamps will take to warm up the living-room that way first.then do it all over again tomorrow. But with no ceiling fan.

Edit..i could already notice a differnce in room temps when it comes to kitchen. Bedroom and bathroom. They all felt cooler at 2:38 compared to how the livingroom felt at that time.

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